What does it cost?

Nothing! It's completely free to use.

How does it specifically work?

If you're inactive for 2 weeks on our website we will send you a email confirming that you're still alive. If you don't click that link within 1 week we will activate your deadswitch.

Is my info safe?

It is, we only store information that you provide us (your email, name). We don't store your IP address.

Is there a API endpoint?

Yes, we provide each user with their own API endpoint where you can let us know if you're still alive. You're free to integrate this endpoint within your own application.

Can I delete my user account?

You can, we will directly delete all your data.

Can I contact support?

No, we don't offer any kind of support on this service. You can however contact our team if you believe you found a bug/security issue:

Privacy policy

You can find our privacy policy here.